5 Scents That Provide All The Good Feels

Clean Laundry

Towels Folded in Stack

You know that pristine feeling when you snuggle into luxurious bleached-white sheets? There’s a sneaky reason: R & D scientists have caught on to the big-time appeal, literally training us to associate the scent of freshly-washed linens and clothing with feelings of happiness, productivity (you got the laundry done!), and freshness. It’s also why researchers are always working on ways to make those clean scents linger longer on our fabrics.


Woman Drinking Coffee

Here’s the bizarre thing: Even folks who don’t touch java often still adore its heady scent…breathing deeply every time they walk into a Starbucks or catch the aroma of someone’s morning brew. And once again, it’s thanks to science: It seems coffee contains molecules of universally beloved scents, including sweet, spicy, fruity, floral, and smoky. Even better, the smell of coffee alone can send a wake-up call to the brain and reverse feelings of sleep deprivation. If that isn’t joi-ful, we don’t know what is.



Feeling a little down? Try breathing in the scent of everyone’s favorite Vitamin C-packed citrus fruit, which has been shown to power up energy and alertness, reduce tension, and even leave an upbeat impression on others. It’s probably the very reason that Clinique’s citrus-infused Happy fragrance has been a best-seller for years.

Fireplace Smoke

Fire Place Buring

Where there’s smoke, there’s happiness. Evoking images of cozy warmth, memories of holidays, and nostalgic campfires, the scent of burning wood is immediately relaxing and evocative. It’s the reason why swanky candle companies turn out scents designed to mimic the heady earthiness of an open fire. (Case in point: Diptyque’s Feau de Bois.)

Freshly Washed Hair

Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo Product and Model

There’s nothing like that sexy whiff of super-clean hair. Unfortunately, though, hair is porous and permeable; making it all too easy to pick up a trace of someone else’s cigarette or teriyaki dinner (and losing that seductive scent of your morning cleanse, condition, and blow-dry!) To the rescue: Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo, which literally puts back that energizing fresh fragrance, along with volume, and oil-absorbing ingredients. It’s like happiness in a can.