Walking On Sunshine

Longer days…warmer weather…smiling faces; there’s no doubt that summer is the happy season. One reason: Many adults carry that exhilarating “school’s-out” mentality into their grown-up years, lending a relaxed vibe to June, July, and August, even if much of it is spent at the office. Add shorter workweeks, “Casual Fridays,” and plenty of time in the great outdoors to the mix, and you have a foolproof recipe for joi! Here, a few liberating ways to celebrate the season…


You may have a growing collection of books accumulating on your nightstand, but a great summer beach read often rises to the top of the heap. Our pick? All We Ever Wanted by Emily Giffin (NYT bestselling author of Something Borrowed). PopSugar summed it up this way…“Nina Browning has it all: the handsome husband, the Ivy-League-bound teenage son, and the big house in the Nashville suburbs. But with one unthinkable social media post from her beloved child, could it all fall apart? Dealing with issues of class, money, and race, All We Ever Wanted is the book everyone will be talking about.” Enough said.



Get in on the Aperol Spritz bandwagon and learn how to make what is fast becoming everyone’s favorite warm-weather libation. This Italian infusion of herbs and oranges is paired with chilled Prosecco for a refreshing combo of sweet/bitter liqueur and delicious bubbles. Get the recipe here!


…with really healthy, shiny hair! Stash a bottle of Joico’s Luster Lock Multi-Perfector Daily Shine & Protect Spray in your beach bag and feel the joi of instant, tension-free wet combing as it swiftly detangles strands of any length hair. Even better, apply it before you hit the shore and hair (including your investment color) will be shielded from the damage of UV rays.




We say, go ahead and indulge that joi gene with a scoop of your very favorite creamy treat. A few newbies for summer 2018:
• Banana Peanut Butter Chip (Haagen Dazs)
• Blackberry Hibiscus (Baskin-Robbins)
• Glampfire Trail Mix (Ben & Jerry’s)
• Chocolate Caramel Blondie (Talenti Gelato)



Ever notice how you never see your neighbors in winter, but once the sun starts to shine, folks pop out like Dorothy just arrived in Oz? Take advantage of those connections by spearheading a social calendar and connecting with those around you. From block parties to outdoor movie nights, backyard BBQs to impromptu garden get-togethers, uniting with others is good for the soul.