3 DIY Braid Looks That Push Fishtail To Shame!

Move over Fishtail. Jill Buck has a whole new menu of fun DIY ‘dos that will shake up your classic braid looks in a flash. Check them out here – and watch her quick step-by-step demo for the remarkably easy how-to’s…

LOOK #1: CROWNING GLORYIf you’ve seen the ads for faux braid headbands online recently, you know that creating a braided-crown look is all the rage. But those cost money. And you have to match the hair-color exactly to pull it off. And besides — Jill can show you how to replicate the look using your own hair, anyway!

The idea: You’re creating a French braid on each side of the head (from the ear up; not the top down); then crisscrossing them at the center of your head and bringing both braids around to the back, where they get secured with bobby pins.

Product note: Joico Beach Shake Texturizing Finishing Spray infuses the hairstyle here with “grabby” hold, and gives fullness to the braids after you’ve loosened them up.

LOOK #2: BACK-TRACK BRAIDSYou know those jaw-dropper hairstyles that you see and go – man, how did she DO that? That’s this cool updo; only it’s deceptively easy to recreate and makes you look like a hairdressing genius. We love the way it gets hair up and out of the way in a classic top-knot; but uses mini braids to add interest and whimsy to the hair.

The idea: You pull most of your hair up into a high top-knot, leaving several small sections loose in the back of the head. Each section gets fashioned into a super-thin mini braid; then pulled up and twisted over each other and secured into the top-knot. It’s a riff on much more elaborate cornrows, providing the look of texture without the intricate work. (Bonus, those braids “cage” any flyaways that might be unleashed from the top knot.)

Easy option note: If you want to skip the updo, simply let the rest of the hair fall loosely over your thin braids – they’ll play peekaboo throughout the day, adding interest to your loose ‘do.

LOOK #3: BRAIDS IN HINDSIGHTJust as a dress with an exciting rear view can turn the tamest style into something extraordinary, this back-braid changes everything.

The idea: It starts with simply pulling a section of hair from the side of the hair, braiding it, and then bringing it back and around, where it’s bobby-pinned to the head. And repeating the same move on the other side; effectively creating a “tiara” that’s glimpsed from the back.

Product note: Joico Beach Shake Texturizing Finishing Spray lends hold and volume to the rest of the hair, which is curled and worn loose; and “fluffs” up the braids that are loosened for a more natural touch.

Here’s your step-by-step demo from Jill


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