Marc Galati headshot

Marc Galati

Joico International Guest Artist/ Artiste invité international Joico
HEADLINES SALON AND SPA / STOUFFVILLE, ON Globetrotting with his expertise, Marc’s 25 years of working in the industry will have you so inspired, you will never look at cutting hair the same way again. International audiences watch and learn from Marc’s expertise in precision cutting. His keen eye for shapes and styles led him to City TV Fashion Friday and endless editorial photography. Co-owner of Headlines Hair Salon and The Ben Mollin Project, Marc has apprenticed dozens of successful stylists who have become entrepreneurs. An official “muse” influencer for Joico and award winning global platform artist, Marc’s high powered enthusiasm will have you boldly do what no other stylist has ever done!

Marc Galati

Marc Galati cut and color hairstyle on model

This master hairdresser might be garnering press for his stunning work and flourishing career at Headlines Salon & Spa near Toronto, Canada, but it’s his easygoing philosophy and raise-the-bar attitude that keeps Marc Galati ahead of the pack.

“Things happen. You just have to shrug them off, keep going, and remember what’s important at the end of the day,”

Despite that laid-back vibe, Galati is anything but chill about his craft. “Everyone expects a good haircut. But you have to make it better by making sure the great work is there, the customers are taken care of, they feel comfortable, and they can’t wait until their next visit. That’s the ultimate goal.” As far as we can tell, this “headliner” is achieving it–big-time.