Biz-Building 101: How To Create Your Own “Brand”

The little things really do count
“Details are exceptionally important. If we put as much effort into the way our business looks as we do into our skills, then the client will feel more comfortable; she’ll know that this effort will translate into her service.”

“I like to add candles and fresh flowers to create a more relaxed atmosphere in the salon.”

“I always say, clients are like spies: They may not say anything, but they’ll notice if your mirrors are clean, or if there’s dust in the stations. So be sure to hire someone to clean your salon or maintain it properly yourself.”

“Always greet your client with a smile and offer them something to drink. Be sure they feel comfortable right away, by accommodating to their needs at the beginning of their appointment.”


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“Talk to clients as you would a friend — and actually sit down during a consultation, so you are eye level with them.”

Know when to splurge – and when to save
“Things that are worth splurging on: good coffee and refreshments. Clients love to come in and have a nice latte in the morning, or enjoy a glass of wine in the evening while getting their hair done.”

“Things you can save money: buying paper goods in bulk…like toilet paper, cups, paper towels, etc.”

Find your niche and promote the heck out of it
“Post the type of work you want to be doing in your salon on social media. For example, if you love extensions, promote your extension work online. The more you showcase your “specialty” work, the more you’ll gather those type of clients.”

Make sure your salon matches your talent
“I always say you need to spend money to make money; and having the right atmosphere is key. People are willing to pay more for an amazing experience, rather than just a good hair transformation.”

Create a space that sings to your heart
“If I wasn’t a hairdresser, I’d be an interior designer. I’ve always loved visualizing and putting items together to create a masterpiece. I started my salon from scratch when I bought it, and completely renovated it with my own money…and with the help of amazing contractors. I had a vision of creating a welcoming industrial atmosphere that showcases class and a high-end touch.”

Give yourself a reality check
“I realized that renovating a salon was more expensive than I had anticipated. There were so many projects I hadn’t even thought about: wiring…a new toilet…the list goes on and on! The project seemed like a GIANT compared to little me.”

“I had no idea how the stress would affect me emotionally and physically. But what I did know was that I had a goal…and I knew I would do whatever it takes to make my dreams into a reality!”

Reach for the stars may sound corny – but DO it
“I strongly encourage you to do what you are afraid to do. Do something you’ve always wished you could, but don’t think you’re good enough or strong enough to achieve. Because you know what? YOU ARE! You have no idea how capable you truly are until you test and push yourself into a new realm of possibility.”

“It’s a mind-set. It’s hard work. It’s sacrifice. It’s believing in yourself even when no one else does. I didn’t take out any loans, had no investors, no business partners…just a BIG dream and an even a bigger project.”


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So what are you waiting for? LIFE IS TOO DAMN SHORT to look back and have regrets. Today is YOUR day to take the RISK you’ve always wanted. I believe in you, like I believed in myself.

With love, Larisa