No Commitment-Bangs: Try This Fake-Out Trick

How to fake ’em ‘til you make ‘em with Joico Celebrity Artist, Jill Buck. Bangs are great. Except when they aren’t. And once you take the plunge, it’s a long road back – so ask yourself a few questions before you whip out the scissors.

1. Are you willing to trim them every couple of weeks?

2. Will you mind them in your eyes during workouts?

3. Do you have the skills to nail the perfect length? (It’s harder than you think!)

4. Can you deal with the daily wash and blowdry?

5. Are you ok with the potential forehead breakouts?

6. Once you get tired of them, are you prepared for a long grow-out process?

If you’ve answered no to even one of these, Joico Celebrity Artist, Jill Buck, has a temporary trick that gives you a lot of bang for your buck: the look of a fringe without an ounce of commitment. Jill’s maneuver (you’ll need at least shoulder-length hair to pull it off) involves gathering half your hair into a high ponytail, and arranging the elevated ends into a face-framing bang look. Watch her video, follow the step-by-steps…and thank us later!

The Faux-Bang Step-by-Steps…

Hairstylist Jill Buck with bangs

Step 1: Section hair into a “halo” parting (essentially, a pony at the top of your crown).

Step 2: Use Joico Design Works Shaping Spray and a boar-bristle brush to smooth hair down.

Step 3: Twist hair into a bun shape and secure with an elastic, leaving the ends out.

Step 4: Choose your “bang” length by playing with those ends – pulling and adjusting as needed.

Step 5: Smooth small sections with a flat iron.

Step 6: Once your bangs are styled as desired, secure any strays into the bun at the crown of your head.

Step 7: Apply Joico Body Shake Texturizing Spray to give bangs volume and movement.

Step 8: Finish with Joico Flip Turn Finishing Spray and a few bobby pins to secure any loose pieces.