Playful Hair: A Guide To The Chicest Short Cut

A sassy, little short haircut? It’s strong, decisive…flirty even. And Joico Global Artistic Director, Richard Mannah, is going to show you exactly how to cut and style it to bring out that playful character – right down to the products he uses to make short hair the cream of the crop.

The Back Story…Inspired by the famous crop sported by 90’s supermodel, Linda Evangelista, Richard created the ultimate graduated short haircut for today. “It’s all about building weight around the back to follow the head shape, but still keeping it soft and feminine around the ears and front,” he explains.

Watch the video, then keep scrolling for Richard’s tips, tricks, and products….


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Richard’s Pointers For CUTTING Short Hair…

Keep your sections clean and balanced.

Continue checking for balance as you cut, following your guide as perfectly as possible.

Be technical and visual to make sure what’s being created suits the client you’re working on.

Richard’s Pointers For STYLING Short Hair…

Try to avoid too much volume so hair looks young and fresh.

When drying, smooth the hair with a flat brush first, then stretch it out with a round brush.

Once hair is dry, begin moving the hair with the brush and the dryer to the left, and then to the right, to create hair’s natural root volume.

Here’s the product he uses for short-hair prep…

K-PAK Color Therapy Luster Lock Multi-Perfector Daily Shine & Protect Spray This “wonder spray for healthy-looking hair every day” is a silky, leave-in treatment that that delivers a powerful shield of protection against styling stress, thermal damage, and UV exposure – all of which can fade your hair color. The results are remarkable and visible…smooth-as-silk hair that shines like nobody’s business.

Here are the products he uses for styling and finishing…

Joico Hair Shake Liquid To Powder Texturizing Finisher
The moment you shake it, layer it, and play with it, Hair Shake delivers buildable texture in a unique flash-dry formula that actually cloaks hair with shield of protection against pollution and the elements. Hair feels instantly satiny and luxurious, with luscious texture, lift, and thickness…yet doesn’t weigh down strands. Formulated with Bentonite Clay and Silica for oil absorption and a glam grip, Hair Shake is the ideal foundation for those long-lasting, all-day updos.

Joico Beach Shake Texturizing Finisher
The first seaside styling spray that delivers glam, beachy texture, satiny hydration, and protective separation in a single, transformative spray. With touchable Beach Shake, you get the ultimate vacation from texturizers that leave behind a dry, salty finish; and the ability to create perfectly “imperfect” separation.

JoiFULL Volumizing Styler
Dreaming of bigger and better hair? Here’s the hero that swoops in with body, bounce, and brilliant fullness, while saving you from the sticky, crunchy residue of typical volumizers. With JoiFULL Volumizing Styler, you’ll experience the unique glide and slip of a silky crème, plus the molding and shaping power of a gelée…all in one game-changing, hybrid. Instantly transforms fine strands into full, luxurious, natural-looking hair.

The Color Story…Color: Deep Brunette Ale Color Gloss
Prep Treatment: Defy Damage ProSeries 1 Bond-Protecting Color Optimizer Spray
Formula 1: LumiShine Demi-Permanent Liquid 4SB with 5 Volume LumiShine Developer
Post Treatment: Defy Damage ProSeries 2 Bond-Strengthening Color Treatment