The Social Ladder: Chad Demchuk

Chad Demuck Headshot

CHAD DEMCHUK, Joico International Guest Artist, Dallas, TX

Bragging rights: 2018 Joico Most Creative Guest Artist; 2018 Contessa International Stylist Top 18; 2017 Northern Ireland Photographic Award Winner; 2017 Trifecta Awards — Haircolor Winner & Haircutting Finalist; 2012 NAHA Haircolor Winner

On my nightstand: iPhone Charger, Apple Watch charger, loose change, and a large bottle of water

I’ll cry if I’m out of: At work, it would be Joico Stainless — this stuff is the best color remover for skin!!!!! At home — Shakeology, fresh fruit, and Joico Color Co+Wash

What I’m eating when no one’s looking: Ice cream — specifically, butter pecan flavor. (With peanut butter sauce on top!)

If any designer (or store) could dress me: AG, Peter Millar, H&M, Vince, Theory, Bally, and Burberry

What’s on my feet: I just made a huge investment of multiple Bally shoes

Can’t live without: TSA Precheck, wet brush., electric toothbrush, BeachBody programs, LumiShine Liquids, WiFi, Panadol, Beauty Bio Bright Eyes Eye Patches.

My influencers: Gianni Scumaci, Angelo Seminara, Mio Soto, Mark Leeson, Mazella & Palmer, Ben Mollin, John Rawson.

Guiltiest pleasure: Shopping for shoes that I don’t need! All of my shoes are a bit over the top at the moment. Can someone find me some great basic shoes?! There’s not a lot about me that is basic…

Biggest misconception about hairdressers: That we ONLY do hair. We have so many hats that we wear: having to be a therapist, entertainer, personal errand runner, coffee maker, babysitter, etc. And then on top of it, we still have to do AWESOME hair! So we not only have to be good at our main job, but bring a LOT more to the table that some people may not realize.

Why hair? Originally, I went to school to become a cook. I HATED IT! I didn’t like tasting things I wasn’t familiar with, hated getting my hands dirty, and I tend to get hot easily…so being in a kitchen all day wasn’t for me. In high school, I had been exposed to a Cosmo program, and had done pretty well at it; but I wasn’t sure if it was right, either. After high school, I decided to give hair another try and went through schooling for it; it clicked and came so naturally to me! Flash forward 17 years later, and here we are.

Beautiful Models Showing Hairstyles

What I’m known best for: Being honest, when asked for it. Not sugarcoating things. Constantly traveling. Haircolor. Haircutting.

Oddest job: Working as a 411 operator for landline telephones!

If not hair: Dream job would be photographer. Something about it has always held my fascination.

The hair I never want to see again: The “Kate Gosselin” haircut — YIKES!

This hairstyle/color will never bore me: Euro mullets. Fantasy colors. Precision bobs.

Best advice ever: If you don’t take care of yourself first, who will?

Model with short bob and green hair

“I’ve made it” moment: 2012 NAHA. It was beyond belief that I was a finalist in hair color, shot by Damien Carney. Being at the event was a spectacle — but then winning it was just mind blowing. It made me realize that my skill is better than I’d ever thought it was, and that what others think it is worthy of a trophy. The recognition is great, but the confidence it gave me — and the ability to not always second guess myself and try things I wouldn’t normally — was the true reward.

What’s playing in my salon: Something on Pandora — it’s on shuffle, so I never know what genre or song will be up next!

Tool/product I’m always reaching for: Joico Body Shake. Olivia Garden brushes. YS Park combs. Joico narrow tint brushes.