The Social Ladder: Larisa Love

Larisa Love with client

We’re back with an all-new, media-centric chat with one of the world’s most respected, talented, social-savvy hairdressers. Goal: They spill the secrets of their success, online and off…and you learn from the best of the best.

Our brilliant Joico Brand Ambassador and hair superstar, Larisa Love, is in the hot seat today. You will LOVE everything she has to say. (Especially her “authenticity” rules.) Have at it here…

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You can’t love everything…
The biggest mistake I see hairdressers make is becoming a “sell out.” When they start promoting everything that comes their way, the authenticity and the value of their opinion gets lost in the process.

How I’ve changed my online habits
I started my hair page when Instagram first came out, so I feel like I was ahead of the game; I began promoting my art right away and my bookings filled up very quickly because of it. Now my Instagram strategy has changed because I see the value in videos and education. I focus more on that now.

Larisa Love Instagram photos

Share the love
It’s extremely important to interact with your online fans! They follow you for a reason, so give them the same love back by responding to their comments or DMs.

Are you a “Hooray for Hollywood” person?
I actually don’t do celebrities whatsoever. Instead, I focus on making every client feel like THEY are a celebrity.

I’m about to post a pic. Now what?
First, I make sure that my page always looks clean and cohesive. My tactic is to either educate by allowing my followers to know what the steps and products I’ve used, or ask to a question. Both kickstart amazing engagement.

Social media…a change-maker?
Completely changed the industry! You can be noticed by anyone in the world now with a click of a button.

Joico booth

What’s been your ultimate Joi-ful experience?
I loved going to Coachella with Joico last year. I had such a blast working with the team, and having full freedom to show my creativity on all the clients.

My aha moment
I knew I’d “made it” when I became the Brand Ambassador of CosmoProf. The first person I called was my mom, and she said…”What’s a Brand Ambassador?” My mom is from Ukraine so she didn’t fully understand the gratitude of it all. Haha!

If I weren’t a hairdresser…
I would be traveling the world. Some way, somehow. I’m an adventurous person and I can’t stay in one place for too long.

Larisa Love instagram

You’re the subject of a book. Quick: What’s the title?
The Risk-Taker

What are you eating when no one’s looking?
I actually eat very healthy. I’m vegetarian and I watch my diet because I have treat my body with as much respect as possible. But my one cheat food is In-n-Out. (Although I get protein-style grilled cheese — haha!)

Who gives you serious hair envy?
Every woman with long, thick, healthy hair.

You’re the president of a fan club. Whose is it?
I admire every hairdresser who has made it on their own, with no silver platter handed to them throughout the process. There are too many to count.

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And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate…
You know what they say, the haters hate out of jealousy and nothing else. It’s unfortunate to see how confident people can be when hiding behind the screen. It doesn’t affect me at all. In fact, in my opinion, it just shows I’m doing something right!

What gets your artistic juices flowing?
Traveling. When I travel and explore the world and other cultures, I get so inspired and can’t wait to bring that back with me to the salon.

Life! It’s so up and down, and riding the waves make me smile and laugh.

Not my finest moment
In beauty school, I dyed my hair black with a steak of red on one side. That’s what beauty school is for right? LOL!

Larisa Loves Salon

When the Do Not Disturb sign is on…
I’m traveling the world. Just don’t ask me to sit home all day — I love to be out and about at all times.

Time to post!
Counting filming, creating the content, and the caption, I spend about 10 hours a week on social media. I allow myself to make it a priority. Even if I have just 10 minutes to create a post, or to respond to a comment, I always try my best to make it an extremely important part of my day. I am in charge of my salon and my personal social media. When you want to do something right, at times you’ve got to do it yourself.

passport and passport holder

Hey, any advice for us folks in small towns?
Do something that will make you stand out from the rest, even if you think it’s a crazy idea. Sometimes the crazier the idea, the better the outcome.

Do NOT ask me to do this
I would never become a nurse or a doctor, because I can’t be around all the blood and gory fluids!

In the beginning…
I decided to make a choice and go off on my own, risking it all by opening up my own small studio. That led me to owning my own salon and working with some of the most amazing companies, like Joico.

This tool is my lifeline
My Hot Tools Pro. I use it on almost every client (and myself!) to create beachy waves.

You want me to do WHAT?
I’ve had a client ask to shave the bottom half of her head and engrave my name in her hair.

Larisa Love instagram

It’s 2028. What are you doing?
I want to open a salon in New York and live bi-coastal, as well as have my own line of products.

Speak to a young Larisa…
Don’t compare yourself to anyone else! Everyone flows at their own pace. The more original and authentic you are, the more you will stand out and create your own success.

Big mistake. Huge!
Undervaluing my work. I now know my worth and will never give discounts.

Best move I ever made
Becoming an independent artist.

Hashtags. Good, bad, overused?
They’re not just good — they’re very good! Your #1, most important hashtag is your personal one, where people can one can go on that hashtag and see all of your work.

Photos or videos? Go…
I post more videos than photos, because videos get reposted a lot and have more user engagement.

So tired of this
Influencers who promote products they don’t believe in, and do it just for the money. We all know about the teas or hair gummies. No need to say anymore.

Letting it all hang out — not.
I share about 20% of my life and 80% of my career. I’m a huge believer in keeping some things private, and promoting yourself the way you want others to see you.

Can we be done with this?
Overly contoured make up tutorials.

App icons

My all-time favorite apps…
I love Splice for creating videos, and Snapseed to edit photos.

When I post, it’s going to be here
Instagram is the most valuable social media site, because it is a free, visual platform that can be noticed by anyone in the world.