Joico Muse: Staelle Coulombe


There’s a very good reason this Quebec-based pro calls herself Staelle Colorful. And one look at her Pinterest page explains everything: From rainbows to unicorns to fiery reds and candied pastels, Staelle lives, breathes, and loves vivid hair. Not surprising for this “bright” businesswoman, who makes it her professional mission to color our world with the artistry of a magician. Come take a listen…


Bragging rights: It’s not really my style to brag, but I have the reputation of being a magician in color correction.

On my nightstand: I believe there’s still a kid in every one of us who needs a good story before sleeping. So I always have my Kindle reader on my nightstand.

What I’m eating when no one’s looking: Coconut ice cream! Cookie dough is the best, but I’m always up for any flavors.

If any designer (or store) could dress me: A personal designer with infinite inspiration to dress me with different colors every day.

What’s on my feet: Converse by day; Michael Kors by night.

Can’t live without: I need a way to express my creativity every day. Two weeks away from my chair and I start drawing colors on my walls!

Guiltiest pleasure: Two spoons, my boyfriend, and a tub of coconut ice cream (see “what I’m eating,” above lol).

Biggest influencers: Vivienne MacKinder, Sam Villa, and Anthony Mascolo

What I’m known best for: My capacity to think outside the box with vivid color, and my deep understanding of the Color Intensity line.

Staelle Coulombe Never-Bore-Me Intensity color

Why hair? I was looking for a way to express my creativity, with a certain job security. Hair will always grow, and it’s a pleasure to make people beautiful and happy around me!

Oddest job: My first job was a sandwich artist at Subway! You’ve never seen such beautiful sandwiches!!! My worst job: night cashier at a gas station.

“I’ve Made It” moment: When my Facebook page got 20,000 likes! I was so grateful to have fans from all around the world.

If not hair: I hesitated a long time between literature and hairdressing.

The hair I never want to see again: My first haircut from my Mom when I was 6 years old…let’s just say we would have done better with a bowl. Sorry, Mom!

This hairstyle/color will never bore me: Rainbow hair! There is always a new way to do it, and it’s always fun and beautiful!

Biggest misconception about hairdressers: At the beginning of my career, a friend told me that I was wasting my potential. I was also told that I was too bright to be a hairdresser. But the truth is, a good hairdresser is a chemist, psychologist, stylist, businesswoman, and much more — it’s a true profession.

Best advice ever: You are your own worst enemy. If you do not try to realize your dreams, they will never come true.

Salon Play List: I’m always listening to my favorite playlist on Spotify. “Tropical Morning” is my favorite to bring sunshine through the winter; and I love the good classics of “70s Road Trip.”

Tool/product I’m always reaching for: My rat-tail comb, in fact I have a collection of them in different colors. If I see a comb in a color I do not have, I can’t resist buying it!

Colorful hair combs