No Time For A Blowout? Try This Fake-It Trick

Joico Brand Storyteller, Olivia Smalley’s Latest Hair Hack

Hairstylist Olivia Smalley Smiling

The elusive, perfect blowout: Nine times out of ten, it requires a round brush, an endless drying sesh, and tired arms. But leave it to Olivia to find a workaround. “If round-brushing your ends isn’t your friend, here’s a fun hair hack to get that smooth bend look without a brush,” she enthuses.

It starts with fully dry hair. How you get there is up to you: Let it air dry (try Joico’s Zero Heat Air Dry Crème for polish and control); or go ahead and pick up that dryer and do a quick number with your head upside down. Next up is Joico’s Ironclad Thermal Protectant Spray, which provides a barrier from the heat of the curling iron Olivia uses to create the look.

Then comes the real genius: Olivia secures her hair into two low pigtails, curling both her bangs and each of the pigtails with a wide-barrel iron. Once she’s done, she removes the hair ties, shakes everything out, uses her fingers to break up the curls a bit, and sprays everything into place. Hair seems to magically morph into a glam, “done” look – in about the same time it takes to make a sandwich.

Watch the video, check out the step-by-steps, and try it yourself!



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1. Divide hair evenly down the middle, creating two low pigtails; secure each with a hair tie.

2. If you have bangs or shorter pieces in the front, leave those out.

3. Starting with your bangs, Lightly mist hair with Joico Ironclad Thermal
Protectant Spray.

4. Using your curling iron, begin bending bangs upwards in a horizontal direction. Release the iron when the curl is set.

5. Move on to one side of your hair, curling the entire pigtail section away from the face. Again, hold the iron in place until you’re certain hair has taken the curl.

6. Repeat on the other side.

7. Remove hair ties.

8. Apply Joico Tint Shot to roots (if using). “My roots are DARK right now,” says Olivia. “So I used Blonde Tint Shot Root Concealer to blend the grow-out — and even some of the gray!”

9. Run fingers through hair to break up your curl, giving off an effortless ‘blown out’ look.

10. Finish off with Joico Flip Turn Volumizing Finishing Spray for extra body and hold.