You’ll Be Over The Moon With This Zodiac Guide

Moon signs: How yours can make you (and your hair) happy!

You might not be big on astrology; especially if you’re one of those people who’s never felt particularly connected to your own sun sign (i.e., What do you mean I’m a trendsetter? No way is that me!). But moon signs, which are calculated by the position of the moon at the exact time and place of your birth – are thought to be more emotionally illuminating. Tap into yours with this online calculator, and see if a little extra awareness into your personality can shed – and spread – some light.

Aries moon sign

You’re a trailblazer with a pioneering spirit – courageous and highly creative. It also means you don’t like to be tied down or chained to one thing…like hair color!

The product for you: K-PAK Color Therapy – a total shade-protection system that keeps you vibrant and shiny long after you leave the salon.

Taurus moon sign

Stylish, secure, tried and true, you love luxury and aren’t afraid to invest in it. The wise side of you wants quality that lasts; which is why you’re willing to spend lavishly on cuts and color, but expect them to look good for the long haul.

The product for you: Defy Damage home-care system protects hair from the ravaging effects of daily heat styling, UV exposure, and environmental pollution.

Gemini moon sign

You’re the life of the party, the witty socializer, and a born conversationalist. But the “flightiness” in your air sign means you’re not big into follow-up; including treating your hair with loving care.

The product for you: Defy Damage Leave-In Protective Shield does the work for you by fortifying hair inside and out, and guarding against the harsh effects of daily blow-drying, curling, and flat ironing.

Cancer v

Friends, family, and comfortable, cozy surroundings…your sensitive nature loves to be cared for and nurtured. So does your hair, with treatments designed to nourish each strand.

The product for you: The Moisture Recovery collection taps into intensive marine ingredients to deeply quench hair, delivering softness, shine, and strength.

Leo moon sign

You – and your hair — love to shine and be in the limelight, with self-confidence, a passion for drama, and tremendous creativity.

The product for you: Blonde Life Brilliant Glow Brightening Oil for instant shine and softness.

You are the ultimate caretaker of others and yourself, with an incredible diligence for maintaining self-care, health, cleanliness, and order.

The product for you:
K-PAK – the damaged-hero hair collection that repairs hair and maximizes shine and strength with utter dependability.

Libra moon sign

You love perfect partnerships and harmony, with indulgent taste that can lead to excessiveness on occasion (like, say, cocktailing multiple styling products every time you glam up).

The product for you
: K-PAK Clarifying Shampoo dives deep to remove impurities and build-up, leaving behind moisture, shine, and great glide power.

Scorpio moon sign

Your passionate, forceful nature is intense and feels strongly about everything…including transformation, and your desire to better yourself and everyone around you.

The product for you: Just like your intense personality, Defy Damage Protective Masque dives deep by transforming hair and offering bond-strengthening protection in just minutes.

Sagittarius moon sign

Your amazing optimism and spirit of adventure leads you on a lifetime search for new experiences and possibilities. This desire to color your world makes you a true superstar.

The product for you
: While you’re coloring that world, be sure to protect hair with K-PAK Color Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner – the breakthrough duo that doubles the life expectancy of vibrant shades.

Capricorn Moon sign

You’re a born leader, driven, and always responsible – even about taking care of yourself — with a deliberate, no-nonsense approach to life.

The product for you: Defy Damage Shampoo and Conditioner – the bond-building protective duo that’s as dependable as you are.

With an innovative, futuristic, and independent outlook, you happily look at big ideas (the bigger, the better!) without fear of pushing any boundaries.

The product for you: JoiFull Volumizing Collection provides the larger-than-life fullness and bounce that your personality craves.

You’re sensitive, mysterious, and highly intuitive, with a passion for dreaming – usually of beautiful and creative things.

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