Time is money—make every minute count with NEW LUMI10™. This professional permanent haircolor is formulated with our Quick Coverage System™ to deliver 100% gray coverage in just 10 minutes while also achieving up to 2X the shine.* Now you can make time for more clients while still expecting the same predictable results from the LumiShine® collection. This fast-acting range of rich and deeply pigmented shades offers long-lasting color, designed to increase your creativity and efficiency with speedy results. Last-minute walk-in with gray hair? No problem. LUMI10 is here to help you and your clients reach your full-coverage poTENtial. *vs. untreated damaged hair

Features and Benefits

Experience in Just 10 Minutes

100% Gray Coverage

Concentrated pigments that deliver immediate deposit

Long-lasting color

Supercharged conditioning polymers nourish and protect color-treated hair for up to 30 shampoos*

All LumiShine benefits, including upu to 2X the shine**

Here's Why You'll Love It

When time is of the essence, color in the fast lane with vibrant permanent shades that have all the bells and whistles of the LumiShine line … and a dedicated Accelerator for optimum performance.

Permanent haircolor develops in just 10 minutes

100% gray coverage in half the time of traditional permanent color

Reduced breakage and restrengthened hair***

Leaves strands soft and luminous

Ideal When

You want to fit more clients into your daily schedule

100% gray coverage in half the time of traditional permanent color

You and your client want to minimize person-to-person contact from time spent in the chair

You’re looking for a fast color option so you can still accommodate those late-arriving clients or unexpected walk-ins

*when followed with K-PAK Color Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner
**vs. untreated damaged hair
***Combing breakage on damaged hair with K-PAK® Color Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner vs. non-conditioning shampoo



1N / 1.0

3N / 3.0

4N /4.0

5N / 5.0

6N /6.0

7N / 7.0

8N / 8.0

10N / 10.0

Natural Ash

6NA / 6.01

7NA / 7.01

8NA / 8.01

Natural Warm Beige

5NWB / 5.07

6NWB / 6.07

7NWB / 7.07

8NWB / 8.07

Lumi10 Express Salon Service Menu

GRAY COVERAGE IN HALF THE TIMEGet 100% gray coverage in only ten minutes with Joico Lumi10. Get healthy, nourished 100% coverage with no stress and in half the time.

☆ Quick coverage service in just 10 minutes to cover your gray 100% in a regrowth application
☆ Modern quick gray coverage service for men
☆ Micro touch up for the 3 week grow out

On-The-Go RetouchRefresh your hair color with Joico Lumi10 to enhance your rich or vibrant hues and be in and out of the salon chair, fast.

☆ Quick coverage service in just 10 minutes to retouch your regrowth for clients who went deeper in tone
☆ Micro touch up for the 3 week grow out
☆ Micro touch up for the 3 week grow out

Lighten & Brighten with Lumi10Feeling drab, mousy or dull? Lighten and brighten your roots up to two levels with Joico Lumi10!

☆ Express retouch for clients who have permanent color retouches up to 2 levels of lift in just 10 minutes

Instant Shadow RootShadow your roots to make your highlights pop in only ten minutes. Achieve contrast and dimension with the Joico Lumi10 hair color service.

☆ Quick coverage service in just 10 minutes to color correct or add a shadow root for those clients who want to add depth or create a shadow root for low maintenance looks

Face Frame Multi-Touch-upRoot Touch Up + Modern Face Framing Express multi service salon visit that combines a brightening face frame foiling (up to 6 foils) with a shadow root or retouch service in just 10 minutes.

10 Clients. 10 Minutes.

You know them. You love them. But you can’t always fit them in. 10 ways to increase your revenue with every just-say-nay-to-gray personality who walks in your door. Let’s meet the usual suspects….

Lunch-Break-LatoyaLunch break? What lunch break? This multitasking CFO barely has time for those almonds stashed in her desk, which is why squeezing in a quickie midday appointment for her literally saves the day.
Millennial-Mama MiaBetween the 3 p.m. school pickup, Zoom meetings, homework help, and dinner prep, finding personal time invariably falls to the bottom of the to-do list. So, when she does manage to steal away for a color appointment, it has to be quick-as-a-flash so she can dash.
Last-Minute LisaSometimes, her life is crazy busy … other times, she’s been hit by that I-need-to-go-blonde-NOW whim … and, once in a while, a close-up inspection reveals all-new, unsettling grow-out. Whatever the crisis, she needs to slide into your busy books ASAP; and only super-fast color’s gonna make it happen.
Nervous NellyLiving the lock-down life has been important to our safety-savvy client. But when her pandemic hair is beyond repair, she oh-so-tentatively dips a toe back in the salon for a color refresh – with a request to be in and out as fast as humanly possible. Because there’s only so long a person can hold her breath.
Modern MiguelI'm one of the lucky ones because my hair doesn’t have a speck of gray, said no one ever. Which is why our denial-ridden dude needs a discreet and speedy color sesh to get him in and out faster than you can say, See you later, Silver Fox!
I-Want-It-All CrystalleCall her chic, call her boujee; but whatever you do, don’t call our multi-service mademoiselle “high maintenance”. She just needs that full highlight + cut + gray coverage + shine treatment in a swift one-and-done appointment…because there are places to be and people to see.
Add-On-Service SofiaDo you think we could throw in a few highlights while you’re covering the gray? And maybe cut in some layers? And add a few beachy waves after the blowout? Gotta love a client who loves to get her hair done – but fitting in all those “can we justs” when she’s already in the chair requires fast thinking… and even faster color options.
Gray-Denial DebraIt’s bad enough when she first spots those wiry, little white babies winding their way through her don’t-call-it-gray hair. But turn the service into a full-on Gray-Coverage Appointment, and you may just lose her forever. Instead: Nail those silver suckers fast and send her on her merry way so she can pretend she never saw you.
Tardy-To-The-Party MartiSorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry! says Marti… of her chronically 30-minute-late appearances at the salon. But that doesn’t deter this clock-blocking cutie from expecting you to cover her gray in record time regardless. And you do it- because you have a secret weapon.
Walk-In Wandaeing able to win over Wanda – your “cash-and-dash” client – by accommodating her on-the-fly appointments, puts a twinkle in her eye and extra $$ signs in yours. But you can only squeeze her in if you have speedy color that does the deed.


The new LUMI10™ shades deliver up to 2X* the shine and 100% gray coverage like original LumiShine—but in only 10 minutes! This rapid processing time is achieved thanks to our Quick Coverage System, which features concentrated dye molecules that process in 10 minutes when activated by the LUMI10 Accelerator.

*vs. untreated damaged hair

LUMI10 is designed to cover 100% gray. If formulating for a client with no gray, you may adjust your formula to a lighter level due to the extra dye load.

Due to the formulation of the Quick Coverage System™, color results will appear darker if left on longer than 10 minutes, and results will not be predictable.

No, the ammonia level is comparable to LumiShine Permanent Cr me Color.

No, LUMI10 is a permanent color; therefore, longevity is not sacrificed.

Yes, just be mindful of overall processing time. Process your highlights until almost complete, then apply LUMI10 between foils and process for 10 minutes.

As often as your client comes in for a regrowth touch-up, typically every 3-6 weeks.

LUMI10 Permanent Color delivers up to two levels of lift when mixed with the LUMI10 Accelerator.

The Accelerator provides the extra boost of peroxide needed to ensure LUMI10 Permanent Creme Color delivers

For best results, we recommend LUMI10 be mixed with the LUMI10 Accelerator. If you don’t, your gray coverage will be compromised.

We do not recommend mixing LumiShine or YouthLock with LUMI10 and cannot guarantee shade predictability when mixed. We also cannot ensure color will develop in just 10 minutes.

The 10-minute timing process should begin after the application is complete.

LUMI10 is the ideal choice when you want to add an unplanned root touch-up to a cut, when walk-ins want to be “squeezed in,” and when you want a quick color service that minimizes person-to-person contact.

No, LUMI10 is not designed to be mixed with high-lift color or any other haircolor that requires a 20, 30, or 40 Volume developer. LUMI10’s dedicated Accelerator is specially formulated to work with LUMI10’s fast-processing technology to provide 100% gray coverage.

The secret lies in our Quick Coverage System, which features the ideal concentration of dyes necessary to penetrate the hair fiber in 10 minutes under conventional ammonia levels. Unlike traditional LumiShine Permanent Color, which has a steady dye delivery process, the Quick Coverage System allows LUMI10 dyes to swoop into hair fibers at a fast pace—without compromising hair’s integrity or long lasting results. Please view the image on the right to see how the starting level of dye concentration affects speed and processing time.

Pro Tip:
• Be careful not to overlap when using LUMI10 or banding will result.
• LUMI10 develops fast. If you have a client with an extreme amount of hair, you may adjust your formula to a lighter level in your starting area. Make sure you use a timer.

Download the Lumi10 Fact Sheet