Beachy Curls With a 90’s Twist: The Easy How-To

Loose, beachy waves are still hugely popular. But Larisa gives them a unique twist by throwing in a throwback 90’s move – the addition of two small ponies at the crown. Copy the curls; then decide if you want to add the vintage element once you’re done!

What You'll Need

Teasing brush

1-inch-barrel curling iron

1 hair clip

Now, capture the curls:

1. Clip top layer of hair out of the way, taking a section of hair from the bottom in your hands.

2. Take your first piece of hair from the front of your face and begin curling hair, away from the face; hold for a few seconds; then pull iron down and twist out as you release the curl.

3. Pro tip: When you get to the bottom of your hair, pull the iron out straight so it gives hair ends a relaxed look.

4. Follow same technique on the next section, but going in the opposite direction.

5. Continue rotating curls, switching each side until you’ve curled all sections, including the top.

6. Next, let your curls cool down so they keep their shape.

7. For extra hold, use JoiShape Shaping and Finishing spray, tilting your hair back as you spray.

8. Next, apply Joico Weekend Hair Dry Shampoo and spray at the root to for a textural lift.

9. Break up your curls up by running your fingers through your hair.


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Want to add Larisa’s 90’s twist? Do this:

1. Take your rubber bands and 2 bobby pins.

2. Leave out a 1-inch section of hair at the front.

3. One on side, take a ‘half up’ section of your hair and pull it backwards, securing your ponytail with an elastic at the back of your crown.

4. Repeat the same move on the other side.

5. To hide elastics, wrap a section of your ponytail hair around the base and secure with bobby pins.

Products Used:

joi shape bottle