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Vero K-PAK Permanent Creme Color Model

Just one try and you’ll see why Vero K-PAK’s pure tone, permanent crème palette is the joi of artistically adventurous colorists everywhere! Quadramine® Complex repairs and protects hair during the color process, allowing you to create endless one-of-a-kind shades with the unsurpassed condition, vibrancy and total confidence only Joico can deliver.

Why You'll Love It...

♥ Repairs and protects with Quadramine Complex
♥ Intermixable pure tone shades for amazing artistic freedom and limitless shade possibilities
♥ Delivers healthy-looking, long-lasting color results every time

Vero K-PAK Permanent Creme Color Box and Mixing Bowl

How To Mix

Standard shades: Mix 1 part Vero K-PAK Color to 1 part Vero K-PAK Color Veroxide

Timing: Process for 35-45 minutes at room temperature. Process for 45 minutes for coppers, red, and resistant gray hair.

What's New


With Vero K-PAK’s NEW Blue Ash Series, you’ll have the power to create cool-as-can-be blonde and brunette looks without an ounce of unwelcome warmth. In a single service, those unwanted brassy tones are instantly neutralized and countered with a targeted blue-hued base.

Video Tutorial

Step-by-Step Tutorials

Chambord Night20170208145645

Chambord Night

The exquisite capsule collection he designed exclusively for Vero K-PAK. Gion unveils this deep, mysterious, d...
Xtra Red20160218103220

Xtra Red

This technique calls for opposites in placement and tone: one side horizontal/diagonal placement with shades r...
Sultry Blonde20150218101319

Sultry Blonde

Want to create luminous, believable, utterly gleaming blondes without a hair of brassiness? Vero K-PAK’s new S...

Color Formulas

Larisa Love’s Face-Framing Color Technique20191205174103

Larisa Love’s Face-Framing Color Technique

It all begins at the salonIn creating her Power Bang look – a dimensional, warm beige with a pop of color at t...
Bronde Color Melt20160215135104

Bronde Color Melt

Ricardo’s client was self bleaching to be blonde, hence the extremely warm base blonde into cooler blonde ends...
Sun Kissed Blonde20150315165830

Sun Kissed Blonde

This formula results in the quintessential warm, golden shade, I recommend using my American Baliage (hand-pai...
Rich Auburn Dimension20150215170230

Rich Auburn Dimension

I love to use this dark copper lowlight formula to add deep, luscious dimension to redheads of all levels and ...
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