This Sneaky Cutting Move Makes Short Hair Extra Chic



There’s something sneaky about the undercut…like the way it completely controls how a short haircut moves and flows, while letting the rest of the hair take all the glory. Watch as Joico Global Artistic Director, Richard Mannah, takes a client from down-your-back long hair to a super-short, chic crop using this deviously “underhanded” technique.

The client wanted a BIG change.
Having recently been signed by a modeling agency, it was time to go for the mega chop – Richard literally lopped off an entire braid’s-worth of hair before getting to work on the fine details of this short crop.

Short hair can still be heavy. And it was.
Even with the new cropped length, the client still had so much hair; which is why Richard turned to the powerful undercut technique to remove much of the weight and length of the inside layers. “But cutting hair short underneath only, you remove the weight, but leave longer layers on top to give the overall look more versatility.”

Going platinum shows off the cut.
Richard keeps the new color icy by sending the client home with Color Balance Purple Shampoo, a unique, color-correcting formula designed to preserve those cool, icy blondes and silvery grays, while safeguarding the vibrancy of color-treated hair.

You might not be able to make a ponytail, but you can still change it up.
Hair can be worked to either side; worn slicked back; or even textured and messy, says Richard.

It works for nearly everyone
The look lends itself to all hair types; though Richard cautions that the technique needs to be tweaked a bit on curly hair, which shrinks a lot when dry.

Change up the vibe with these products

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