5 Reasons Moisture Recovery Is Natural Hair’s BFF

Women with frizzy brunette hairWomen with silky dark brown hair

Allure magazine recently ran a hair story about ditching relaxers; and, instead, embracing the beauty of natural texture. One of the ways their editors suggest you do this? With Joico Moisture Recovery – a favorite collection of Joico Advisor, Kelly McGowan, and Joico Artistic Team Member, Leticia McKay. We’ll let them tell you why this stuff’s the “balm” for natural hair….

“I recommend Moisture Recovery for anyone with dense, coarse, or dry hair – but especially, those with naturally curly hair,” says Leticia McKay, Joico Artistic Team Member. “The products are designed to replenish the moisture that’s typically lacking in both the hair, and in the styling products that are used on natural hair.” “Try them,” says Leticia. “You’ll thank me later!”

Joico Advisor, Kelly McGowan breaks down the benefits for you here:

1. Moisture Recovery quenches thirsty, dry hair
“The best candidates for Moisture Recovery are those with a thicker hair strand and naturally frizzy or textured hair. The richness of this product thoroughly saturates this type of hair, so texture is truly embraced.”

2. Moisture Recovery has unique marine ingredients
“The line contains Hydramine Sea Complex – and the sea kelp inside really helps keep natural girls’ scalps in excellent condition. This is vital, because most curly girls don’t wash hair as frequently in order to preserve moisture; and using ingredients that contribute to scalp health makes the products exceptional! The addition of shea butter helps protect the cuticle layer and adds extra lipids and moisture to the hair shaft; and they also allow lifeless curls to bounce back from chemical and heat-related stress.”

3. Moisture Recovery Conditioner is a multitasker
“For wavy to curly hair, I like to take a small amount of the Moisture Recovery Conditioner and scrunch it into the curls while they’re soaking wet. This acts a great leave-in conditioner without weighing those less-textured tresses down.”

4. Moisture Recovery actually helps natural hair shine
Moisture Recovery Treatment Balm has so many amazing oils and butters in it, so I definitely use it as a deep conditioner with a shower cap for ultimate absorption. If you have extremely thick hair, it really helps penetrate every single strand for shine and flexibility.”

Joico Moisture Recovery Bottles

5. Moisture Recovery detangles like nobody’s business
“Because of the ph level, it literally melts the hair down to a neutral state and feels like butter. Once you have applied Moisture Recovery Conditioner from midshaft to ends, take a wide-tooth comb and run through hair in quad sections; cover with a shower cap; leave it on as long as an hour, then rinse with cool water. If hair is kinkiy/curly, I take a pea-size amount of the Treatment Balm and apply it as a leave-in to aid to help soften the cuticle. This not only creates a perfect detangler, but acts as a wonderful curl product since it has olive oil, shea butter, and murumuru in it. This product is a must- have and winner in my eyes for any curly girl!”