Beachy, Icy, & Natural: Your Blonde-Hair Care Guide


Your hair coach: Joico Brand Storyteller, Olivia Smalley

“When people get their hair lightened for the first few times, they don’t realize that they officially have different hair,” explains Olivia, who points out the importance for less heat, more hydrating treatments, and frequent use of leave-in products.

Put hair on a shampoo schedule: To maximize beachy shine and minimize dryness caused by over-frequent shampoos and blow-drying sessions, aim for cleansing twice a week.

Let hair air-dry once a week: Olivia uses Joico Zero Heat Air Dry Crème for Fine or Thick hair following her Monday wash to minimize heat exposure and add moisture to fragile blonde strands.

Heat style with protection: On the day you do blow-dry, be sure to apply Joico Defy Damage Protective Shield or Joico Dream Blowout Thermal Protection Créme beforehand to create a thermal barrier that safeguards your beachy-blonde strands.

Use dry shampoo on alternate days: For shine, unparalleled oil-absorbing ingredients, and volume boosting, Weekend Hair Dry Shampoo delivers the clean, velvety-soft fullness (and delicious scent!) of just-washed hair in seconds; saving strands from heat-styling damage in the process.


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Your hair coach: Joico Guest Artist, Zoe Carpenter

“As a platinum blonde, remember that we are a “lifestyle!” Treatment needs to be different to keep our vulnerable strands healthy.”

Rethink your ponytail moves: “Watching people throw their hair up into a tight ponytail and tug makes me cringe,” laments Zoe, who says high-lift blondes should always softly pull on ponies, and use safe, hair-protecting cord rings in lieu of strand-breaking elastics.

Gently squeeze and blot wet hair: “Remember, most platinum hair cuticles are shattered and you need to repair the fray, rather than expose it with vigorous toweling.”

Never underestimate the power of a good clarifying shampoo: Wearing a high-lift blonde shade out in the environment every day is like wearing the same white piece of clothing day after day, Zoe points out. What happens? It gets dinge-y. A blonde-restoring, nourishing shampoo, like Blonde Life Brightening Shampoo, is a must in your shower.

Protect your lightness: Apply a good leave-in conditioning treatment – like Defy Damage Protective Shield – when hair is damp; and use Blonde Life Brilliant Glow Brightening Oil on dry hair to create barriers that safeguard uber-light hair from the ravages of thermal and environmental hazards.


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Your hair coach: Joico Advisor, Kelly McGowan

“Dryness is the number-one issue when lifting naturally textured hair,” says Kelly.

Use the “LOC” Method: Kelly likes to apply a trifecta of moisture – Liquid, Oil, Cream – to natural, highlighted hair.

Shampoo with hydration: Moisture Recovery Shampoo and Moisture Recovery Treatment Balm are your hair’s best friend – especially important because those curly or textured strands have been lightened with chemicals.

Protect your hair in zones: Your liquid product – K-PAK Color Therapy Luster Lock Multi-Perfector Daily Shine & Protect Spray – goes on all over, from roots to ends. K-PAK Color Therapy Luster Lock Glossing Oil is applied from mid-shaft to ends only to avoid weighing down hair at the root. And Hydra Splash Replenishing Leave-In (it’s a creamy formula) is applied from top to bottom.


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